The speaker that comes apart, so sound can come together.

Introducing the Air by Quirky. The go-anywhere, listen-to-anything speaker system.

Air Audio Speaker Center
Air Audio Speaker Center
Air Audio Speaker Center
Air Audio Speaker Center
Air Audio Speaker Center
Air Audio Speaker Shadow
  • Combined Stereo Sound

    Combined Stereo Sound

  • Individually Portable

    Individually Portable

  • Multi-Room Surround Sound

    Multi-Room Surround Sound

  • Up to 75ft Play Range

    Up to 75ft Play Range

  • Easily Add More Speakers

    Easily Add More Speakers

Unbelievable from every angle.

Expand your sound with the five-in-one speaker that really stacks up.

  • AIR. For the perfect pair, every time.

    We designed AIR to allow for perfect pairing. How? With the innovative use of magnets. Each of AIR’s five speakers sync together automatically when pulled apart or joined together. We found a way to make speakers that come close together and also spread independently throughout the world, just like how people move today. Now, you can have seamless listening with no extra apps necessary.

  • Music for one or for all.

    Music is made to be shared, even when you’re listening to ‘Lonely Boy’ by the Black Keys. The AIR is five speakers in one device, so you can go solo and listen to your fave garage band in the garage. Or entertain the whole band with house music, no matter how far you are from home. What’s more, we made the controls super easy. Got Bluetooth? Then you can become the DJ and own any room.

  • Enjoy music anywhere there’s air.

    Want to bring moments to life, wherever life takes you? Then get ready to start bringing the AIR speaker around. It’s the world’s first five-in-one speaker that’s ready and willing to go anywhere and play anything. AIR is made to be configured around any space. One thing’s for sure, whatever tomorrow will be, AIR is the shape of how the future listens to music.